Lincoln New Creation Community Church

A Seventh-day Adventist Experience


Making memories, sharing Christ

Christianity is not an isolated religion. We are called to fellowship because faith grows when you can share it with others. At New Creation you'll find great community and fun events. Click on our calendar for specific dates.

​Once a month on Sabbath afternoon, usually 3:00-7:00 p.m. see who's hosting this popular get together of food, music, and conversation. There’s always a guitar or two and potluck around 5:00. 

This funtastic all-day event is eagerly looked forward to every quarter. Come for an all-music church service, stick around for potluck immediately after, then get ready for a scavenger hunt, inspirational movie, board games—who knows? It's gonna be super.

Each year members participate in a spectacular production to celebrate the birth of Jesus.