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Yakkin' & Jammin' this weekend!

It's going to be a Super Sabbath at the Hevener's acreage in Martel, NE 3:00-9:00pm. They're hosting our favorite get-together, Yakkin' & Jammin. (Directions available on our FB group page or in church) Come for music, campfires, hayrides, AWESOME people, and hotdogs - just bring your friends and something you'd like on your hotdog. Also, the Thompsons will show The Chosen there at the Hevener's, so you won't have to miss an episode!

**Due to Yakkin' & Jammin', Guerrilla Faith is postponed to next Saturday at 5:30pm - New Creation Community, 5620 S. Coddington Ave.


Sabbath school to dive deep into Psalm 23

Jessie Dorval is leading a fascinating discussion of Psalm 23 in the Aslan's on the Move Sabbath School class, starting at 10am on Saturdays.


Barb with Max

Who's Coming to Church? 

Meet Barb Schmidt!

Barb’s been coming to New Creation for 2 years now, since she asked her friend, Mike Eno, to take her. “I didn’t want to come by myself,” she explains, “I have anxiety from being bi-polar. That’s why I count on God so much.” She has an inspiring testimony!

“God rescued me,” Barb smiles. Before she got sober, she’d tried reading the Bible, but the King James language was only confusing. Desperate, she told God that He needed to do something about her overwhelming addiction and utter depression. “Kill me or fix me,” she recalls her first prayer. God did indeed help her, but He wasn’t satisfied with just healing her mind. He wanted body and soul. In 2009 Barb lived at Fresh Start, a transitional shelter for homeless women, with a broken leg. There wasn’t much she could do besides read. The only books there were “God books,” as she called them. She started reading – and got hungry for more. A staff member, Sheri Lagman, fed her more books and even took her to Capitol View. Later, Sheri confided in Barb that she’d been unhappy with her job and had wondered why God had placed her at the shelter. “He wanted me there,” Sheri told her, “to meet you!”

Barb has a truly amazing relationship with God! When she moved into her current apartment, there was a place for everything, but, she wondered, where was God supposed to be? There was just enough room for a little desk in her bedroom. It holds 4-5 Bibles, daily inspiration quotes, her journal to God that she writes in every day, pictures of Christ and the Last Supper. She asked God to bless the space. And every morning she gets up early to spend 2 hours with God at her “God desk.”

What a beautiful idea to dedicate a space for God in our home, in our day, in our hearts!

New Creation is a long drive for Barb, as she lives on the north side of Lincoln. When asked what keeps her coming back, she beams, “I love it here! Everybody’s lovely, warm, caring. They make you feel like family.”

We’re so happy she is part of our church family! Next time you see her, introduce yourself and get to know someone whose insights about God may surprise you, and whose story all of us addicted to sin can relate to.

What is your super power?

For the next 6 weeks, starting Wednesday Oct. 6, Pastor Mike will be leading a class on Spiritual Gifts for adults and juniors. This is so important, we're making it the only Super C.O.W. class all month. Discover the unique gifts of the Spirit God has granted you. It can propel you on a meaningful journey! The class is FREE, plus we'll have daycare available for younger kids. Come on out - we'll have some snacks!

"I don't usually push my sermons, but

I really believe this matters! A lot. Please look past the messenger and hear the message." - Pastor Mike Mennard 

This may be the most important sermon you hear, because this is what Christianity is about. 

Mike continues this series of talks on Discipleship - don't miss out!

"I Could Be Wrong" - Sermon by Aron Chilson 8-21-21

Aron argues that "Present Truth" and an open mind are still relevant to Adventists and critical to uniting us all, even preventing suicide. This message is too important to miss! Click on the picture or title to watch on our YouTube channel - you can binge watch all your favorite sermons there!

Yes, we’re still open! Here’s why:

By Misha Darcy 12-5-20

Many churches have shut down, but New Creation Community has found ways to stay open so we can still worship God and stay safe.

That decision has not been easy.

Here's our reasons...Read More..

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