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Yes, we’re still open! Here’s why:

By Misha Darcy 12-5-20

Many churches have shut down, but New Creation Community has found ways to stay open so we can still worship God and stay safe.

That decision has not been easy.

Here's our reasons...

NEW! We have a lot of amazing talent in our church. Listen to this exquisite, original song by one of our star members, Lila Cervantes:



And What We Can Do About It

new Blog post by Misha Darcy 

For most of America’s history, 80-95% of our population has claimed affiliation with some branch of Christianity. But since the 1960s, that number has plummeted to 70%. Even more alarming, people aren’t switching religions. People are leaving churches altogether. Secularism is on the rise. Worldwide, laws and societies are showing a growing intolerance for religion. But there's good news!. Read More...


7 Ways to connect with us

Our doors are open! And you can also join us safely online to access many of our programs and get the latest news.

1. Share messages of faith

Encourage one another in faith or get the latest updates through our Facebook Group.

2. Sabbath School

Classes start at 10a.m. Saturdays. See descriptions under our Ministries page. Two adult classes are meeting on Zoom and in person. Tune in 10:00a.m. Saturdays to start a video conference - it's easy! At that time, click on the link below to start Zooming.

     One Track (Studying Isaiah)

           One track password: 130124

     Outsiders (Studying Revelation)

           no password

     Aslan's on the Move (Christian Lit)

           no password

3. Sermons

Worship together however you feel comfortable. Our doors are open, or you can watch Sermons each Sabbath live on Facebook Zoom, or binge all on YouTube.

4. Small Group Activities

Super C.O.W. classes, Serachlight, and the Faith Workshop are back! Check our Calendar page for all upcoming events.

5. Daily quarterly lessons

Led by Theresa Thompson, streamed live at 3:00p.m. Subscribe to her YouTube channel.

6. Prayer Requests

Need a higher hand? We are a church who prays!
Submit your Requests and praises help from our Prayer Warriors.

7. Become a member!

Click on this form to transfer membership, request baptism or make a profession of faith.