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This Week's Bulletin.

Download the current Quarterly Sabbath School lesson.

New Sermon Series

This Sabbath, Dana Connell brings her amazing testimony that speaks to the concepts that Pastor Mike's been presenting in his sermon series around the idea of Christ as the Bridegroom. If you've ever wondered what that metaphor means, you may be surprised that it's throughout the entire Bible, not just a New Testament concept. What does it mean for us present-day believers? Mike has some incredible ideas that may just shake your world as the Bridegroom pertains to the Last Days. Check us out in-person or watch on Facebook and Youtube.

Every quarter, we look forward to a special Sabbath with an all-day worship celebration. Starting with Sabbath School, followed by church service, potluck; then an afternoon of games, jam sessions, and talent night. Get to know new members and worship together!

Summer Super C.O.w. Classes

Check out our lineup all summer long!

Each class will continue for 3 full months, starting in June - and they're FREE!

Wednesdays 6:30-7:45pm at New Creation Community

  • Pathfinders & Adventurers meet at the same time.
  • Oh - and there's snacks!!

Guerrilla Faith takes on the hard stuff

Some faith requires that we accept that God knows better. But there are some things - like the nature of God - that we really should figure out for ourselves - taste and see, as it were! Pastor Mike leads the Guerrilla Faith Workshop where few dare tread - to seek answers to the really thorny questions of Christianity - like, how do you reconcile the Old Testament Jehovah with the New Testament Father? Did Jesus go to Hell? This is an apologetics class for Skeptics. 

Dig in with us!

Food Pantry Still seeks help

Member, Teresa Thompson runs a Little Food Pantry at her home. It's been a big boon to the neighborhood! She's asking for donations of pasta, dry cereal and toilet paper - no cans or jars that might explode with the cold, please. Even after the holidays and the contributions our church Pathfinders provided, she notes that her "stockpile here is dwindling fast." If you'd like to donate to Teresa's Little Food Pantry, contact her on Facebook here. Her page shows the location of most other Lincoln pantries. We all have a lot to be grateful for!

Yes, we’re still open! Here’s why:

By Misha Darcy 12-5-20

Many churches have shut down, but New Creation Community has found ways to stay open so we can still worship God and stay safe.

That decision has not been easy.

Here's our reasons...Read More..

ride and share Christ

New Creation's bike Club, The Sons of Unity, are getting itchy with all this good weather, so Sabbath after church May 28 (about 1:00pm) they're taking their first long trip of the year. As disciples of Christ, the club was formed to create fellowship and witness. They carry Christian books in their saddlebags to give away, often stop to pray with people, and just enjoy the natural outdoor beauty God's given us.  

Come to church on whatever you ride (no judgment), as long as you can keep up!  

We're Live-streaming! 

When you can't get to church (or when you just want to re-watch a particularly good sermon) you can join in from home via our Facebook Group Page 

around 11:20 a.m. Saturdays. Look for the live-stream post at that time by Brett or Kyle Chilson. Within a week, Brett posts an edited version of just the sermon there, on our main Facebook page, and on our Youtube channel. You can even binge-watch there!

Hit the "join" button on our Group Page, to access the live-stream, share praises and prayers, and get all the latest details of upcoming events.

Moms Cafe meets in the Sprouts room. Bring your kids and talk about life with other parents. Dads are welcome too!

7 Ways to connect with us

Join us in-person or online Sabbaths! Be part of our community one of 7 ways:

1. encourage one another in faith

Share messages of faith or get the latest updates through our Facebook Group.

2. Sabbath School

Classes start at 10a.m. Saturdays. See descriptions under our Ministries page.

3. Sermons

Worship together however you feel comfortable. Our doors are open, or you can watch Sermons each Sabbath on Facebook liveor binge all on YouTube.

4. Small Group Activities

Super C.O.W. classes, and Guerrilla Faith are are just a few of the many fun things happening at our church! Check the Calendar page for all upcoming events.

5. Daily quarterly lessons

Led by Theresa Thompson, streamed live at 3:00 p.m. Subscribe to her YouTube channel.

6. Prayer Requests

Need a higher hand? We are a church who prays! Submit your requests and praises to get help through our Prayer Warriors.

7. Become a member!

Click on this form to transfer membership, request baptism or make a profession of faith.